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WooCommerce Analytics – Get Better Insights Into Buying Behavior

WooCommerce Analytics – Get Better Insights Into Buying Behavior

by Aloa Marketing August 08, 2017
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WooCommerce Analytics – How to Set Up Google Analytics for eCommerce

Today we discuss WooCommerce analytics! A common theme amongst clients is the need to set up analytics that work properly. For those who have not yet gone through the Google Training Program, analytics are a theoretically useful tool that doesn’t do much more than depress you if your numbers are low.

As we’ve discussed before, certain metrics are important, like sessions, new vs. returning visitors, bounce rate, and more.

All of these metrics give you an idea of where potential bottlenecks might be.

For example, if you’re converting at 4% with an eCommerce store, you’re probably doing pretty well when it comes to conversion rate optimisation.

That means that if your sales are still low, the problem is that you aren’t getting enough eyeballs and new users, probably more so than that your offer is bad.

Setting up “Goals” in Google Analytics is step one. But for even more detailed information on how your customers are interacting, Getting the WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin will be immensely more valuable.

WooCommerce makes our lives simple at every turn.

While I recommend setting up Google Analytics goals as well, they are limited in scope. You can see how many people convert and the conversion rate, but you miss some important information.

In the past, if you wanted to get more detailed insights into your sales funnel, you just had to set up a new goal for every possible step you could think of. One goal for people getting to your product page, one goal for viewing the cart, one for checkout, and so on. This way you could manually track how people were progressing through the funnel.

Quick Tip: If your goal conversions aren’t working, make sure you click “Recording” to “On” for that goal!

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Setting up goals is critically important to managing any online campaign. One of the things I do most is help clients get many different types of goals set up, and the analytics account running smoothly.

WooCommerce Google Analytics vs. Google Analytics Goals

When we are in our Google Analytics window, we can see this on the left-hand side:

Google Analytics Goals

But below this, we can see an extra section:

WooCommerce Analytics Los Angeles

To enable this, you must go to your Google Analytics Settings and turn on “Enhanced Ecommerce”.

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With that on, and the WooCommerce Analytics for Google plugin installed and linked to your analytics account, you will start seeing DRAMATICALLY more informative details about your customers.

For example, under “Shopping Behavior”, you’ll begin to see just how customers are moving (or not moving) through your sales funnel. This can alert you to any bottlenecks you may not have noticed.

If everyone’s getting to the cart page, but no one is checking out, you may have a problem somewhere!

The level of insight WooCommerce Analytics provides lets you make MUCH smarter decisions about what to do with your sales funnel.

Enhanced Ecommerce Lets Us See This:

WooCommerce Analytics Los Angeles

Never again will you have to guess what your customers are doing or not doing. You’ll start to draw conclusions on your own, and you may even decide to get that abandoned cart email program going sooner than you think!

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