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SEO Case Study – White Label SEO for a Large eCommerce Store

Case Study eCommerce Marketing White Label SEO

SEO Case Study – White Label SEO for a Large eCommerce Store


We went from zero to steady sales and organic traffic, with many #1 national keywords in this SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study Los Angeles

SEO Case Study – Large eCommerce Store

After 4 Months, Starting from Nothing

An SEO Case Study – So you’ve got inventory, you’ve got products, and you’ve got a target audience. After careful planning, you come to the realization that an eCommerce store would be a smart choice to take your business forward, and to increase revenue by creating an entirely separate channel to augment your brick-and-mortar efforts.

I recently took on a client that had a truly massive collection of products to sell – thousands in total. Talk about a daunting project!

However, for the dedicated SEO Agency, this is a dream come true. Why? Because a large catalog gives you plenty of time to show attention to detail, and it rewards those who are truly meticulous and not lazy with their work.

We began from nothing in May, 2017, and we’ve already done over $20,000 in sales. From not even existing, and from starting with a domain authority of 1. So how was it done?

33 National Keywords in Top 10

While results can NEVER be guaranteed in SEO, we were very proud to get so many prominent national rankings in such a short time.

Quickly Moved Past Competitors

A focused approach and SEO plan lead us to take over relatively established competitors quickly and gain market share.

Over $20k in Sales

Of course, your performance will depend on your product offering and product/market fit, but it’s POSSIBLE.

Thousands of Dollars of WooCommerce Sales

I find that in the real world, people typically have binary attitudes:

Either they believe that it’s easy to make millions online overnight, or they believe that it’s impossible. In reality, neither of those things are true.

It takes hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and the right keyword strategy — but that’s what white label SEO is all about. It’s about doing things the hard but sustainable way, as this SEO case study shows.

To some, 4 months will seem like nothing at all, and in a sense, that’s true!

It’s a very short time to get on the map with a brand new company and a domain authority of 1.

However, I wanted to demonstrate that it’s possible. And while you may not have all your wildest dreams come true in 6 months, or even in a year or more, it IS possible to make money with your eCommerce store if you have a committed team and the right idea.

As mentioned on the Aloa Marketing home page, executing a strategy like this is all about taking steps. It’s about understanding what phase of the project you are in, and doing what’s necessary for that phase.

For example, don’t start a content strategy before you have the infrastructure and technical SEO taken care of. You only want to start directing people to a site when there’s something to actually direct them to. First you have to build the house, then you have to tell people it’s there.

Too many people prioritize the wrong steps at the wrong time, and as a result their efforts are stunted.

For this project, we have a great team of talented individuals who are committed to success. That’s the key!

But if you know what you want and where you are going, it’s possible to make major steps in the right direction. Let this SEO case study be your guide!

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